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We help companies world-wide scale their teams with top-tier Palestinian web developers.

Gaza Sky Geeks, the first tech hub in Gaza, has been training, nurturing and supporting entrepreneurs and developers for almost 10 years. Since 2017, GSG has been running a full-stack Code Academy, training developers not only with the latest technologies, but with a “remote-first” mindset and cross-cultural communication skills as well.

GSG Digital is a boutique agency helping global companies increase the diversity of their distributed teams by giving them access to this top technical talent. Our graduates are trained to quickly get up to speed on our hiring partners’ technologies and processes, but more importantly they bring a unique perspective on resilience and problem solving, both as software developers and humans.

GSG developers undergo over 1,000 hours of pair programming, refactoring code, writing algorithms, and delivering prototypes to clients. They focus on Javascript, React, and Node.js to start. Beyond those technologies, we equip our developers with the skills and attitude to be lifelong self-learners, ready to pick up new technologies and start their careers in local or distributed teams.

Developers are selected for training based on demonstrated capacity for self-learning, English proficiency, and adaptability. All of our developers are members of our vibrant community hubs in the West Bank and Gaza with access to facilities, training, and support provided by GSG.

Only the top developers who graduate from our six-month training program are presented to our clients. After hire, we continue to provide career coaching and professional development services to our developers. Through our customized recruitment processes and ongoing support, we aim to work in partnership with clients to deliver value for money and long-term growth potential for the next generation of Palestinian tech talent.

Strategic Partners

These partners have worked closely with GSG to develop long term hiring pipelines and developer learning pathways to meet their needs

We are proud to work with Kiitos Technologies as their preferred partner for sourcing excellent tech talent from Palestine.

Kiitos Technologies, a Dutch company with a physical office in Nablus, Palestine, has been working with Gaza Sky Geeks since 2019 to scale its developer teams by hiring Gazan and West Bank graduates of the GSG Code Academy. In 2020, GSG and Kiitos will work together to hire more Code Academy graduates, expand Kiitos’ physical presence to Gaza, and launch a third Code Academy campus in Nablus.

At Kiitos, our mission is to deliver exceptional value to both our clients and society. We are very fortunate to partner with GSG and, through our collaboration, be able to achieve this.

Christian Vezjak, Kiitos Co-Founder

GSG turned me into a developer, Kiitos turned me into a professional. I am able to put my coding skills to practice, in a supportive and safe environment. I think Kiitos embodies what a company should be, a source of continuous support that goes beyond just a professional setting.

Orjwan Rajaby, West Bank Code Academy Graduate

Yalla is a design and web development agency staffed by talent across Palestine, Britain, and Germany.

Yalla was founded by two graduates of the Founders and Coders London bootcamp and a GSG Code Academy graduate. Yalla is inspired and founded on the idea that talent distributed across borders can deliver high quality socially impactful products for clients while support emerging tech talent in frontier tech ecosystems.

Yalla are very excited about the opportunity to work with GSG graduates. Without their support we would not be able to follow our dual mission of driving positive change by the means of technology and creating employment possibilities for young people in Gaza.

Jemila Abulhawa, Lead Designer for Yalla

As a former GSG graduate and Yalla Co-Founder my vision is to overcome the borders and restrictions that we’re facing in Gaza. I truly believe that developers from Gaza are talented and skilled enough to stand out in the global market and we at Yalla aim towards proving this on a daily basis.

Ramy Shurafa, Gaza Code Academy Graduate

GSG is thrilled to have partnered with Optimum Partners on an innovative train-to-hire program.

The program was piloted in 2019, whereby GSG facilitated travel for a Gazan Code Academy graduate to intern in Optimum’s office in Amman, Jordan for 3 months. The graduate has since returned to Gaza as a full-time Optimum Partners employee. In 2020, GSG and Optimum Partners will partner on another round of this program to steadily increase Optimum’s employee base in Gaza.

We are extremely excited about this relationship and internship program in association with Gaza Sky Geeks. This program and relationship will help us establish over time a new satellite delivery center while fulfilling our corporate vision by investing in the professional growth and economic freedom of young talented Gazan engineers

Marco Gorin, CEO Optimum Partners

Optimum Partners has given me the opportunity every developer would wish for. Not only was I given the chance to leave Gaza in order to work with other developers internationally and extend my network, but also I was able to learn and work on many technologies in high demand.

Mohammed Mortaja, Gaza Code Academy Graduate

Internship Programs

These bespoke programs developed in collaboration with GSG provide funded, short-term, portfolio-building experiences for our graduates

Tech for Better

In 2018, Intersticia UK partnered with Founders and Coders and Gaza Sky Geeks to launch the Founders Programme, funding London FAC graduates and GSG Code Academy graduates to form remote teams working together for 4 weeks to develop prototypes for UK-based charity organisations. To date, 17 GSG Code Academy graduates have participated in the Founders Programme. Three of the first programme alumni, including one GSG Code Academy graduate, went on to found the digital cooperative Yalla, providing freelance work to several other GSG graduates.

Google For Startups: London

Google for Startups has partnered with GSG to bridge Google London’s network of startups with Palestinian tech talent. Through a short-term internship program, GSG Code Academy graduates contribute to building core features for the London-based startups, while being provided with world-class technical mentoring from Google engineers.


Our global network of clients have all worked with Gaza Sky Geeks to recruit and hire graduates of the GSG Code Academy to join their teams, either remotely or in-person

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