Gaza Sky Geeks Digital Agency

We train and curate a community of Palestinian software and mobile developers, designers, translators, and more and match this talent to clients worldwide. We work with clients ranging from local businesses in Gaza to venture-backed startups in Europe.

All proceeds from our work as a staffing agency are reinvested into furthering our work to build an internationally competitive tech sector in Palestine that generates meaningful employment and incomes for our talented community.

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What we offer

Technical Talent

We rigorously train and vet technical talent from across Palestine through a series of technical tests, English screenings, and soft skills interviews. Our community includes junior, mid-level and senior experience skill-sets including but not limited to:

  • Javascript, Python, ASP.NET, C#, PHP, Laravel, CodeIgniter, React, Node.js, Express, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, WordPress

Freelance Professionals

We also train professionals with varied skills to upskill their competitiveness and professionalism for international clients. Our community of digital professionals include:

  • Arabic-English Translators, Graphic Designers, Data Entry Assistants, and more!

Our Services

We provide:

  • A dedicated client relationship manager who will work closely with you to understand your unique hiring needs and remain available to you for feedback or additional needs
  • Tailored HR services as needed to shortlist candidates via technical tests and other screening methodologies CV and interview preparation for candidates
  • A dedicated workspace and uninterrupted electricity and high-speed internet for Gaza-based hires
  • Facilitation of contracting and global payments

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What we have built


Airbase is a platform that connects people with empty spaces, to teachers, to students. Airbase recently launched in alpha and is now running its pilot. Gaza Sky Geeks build the Airbase platform as a progressive web app using a full javascript stack.

With this Alpha MVP, we will be piloting the first courses at the first venue, 2350 miles across Europe in Devon, England. Their work - rapid, precise, and creative - has already helped us win a Catalyst award from the UK's Royal Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce.

I look forward to further work with the team to advance the platform and help build skills and resilience in communities far and wide, including Gaza.

-- Christoph Warrack, Airbase CEO

Blue Vision Labs

We were approached by a London startup looking to come out of stealth mode. Blue Vision needed a static but customisable website. As Blue Vision were under a tight deadline to come out of stealth mode, we built, iterated and delivered the site in under 2 weeks.