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We are your partner in accessing inaccessible talent.

We are eager to help our hiring partners scale diversity in their companies by going beyond North America and Europe as destinations for top technical talent. As Palestine’s leading tech hub - established in 2011 with support from Google - we have curated a tight-knit community of Palestine’s best technical talent. Through the hiring process and beyond, we provide the operational solutions to make enriching your team with untapped talent and unique perspectives entirely possible. We are experts in developing innovative solutions to unique challenges.

We identify and train top talent in Palestine.

GSG trains web developers in Gaza and the West Bank with over 960 hours of pair programming, building projects, refactoring code, solving algorithms, and delivering prototypes to real clients. They work with HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, and Node.js in a rigorous, self and peer-led learning environment. The junior web developers we graduate are lifelong self-learners, ready to start their careers in local or remote/distributed teams.

We rigorously select 16 candidates from the hundreds of applications we receive for each Code Academy cohort using self-guided learning in HTML, CSS, Javascript, projects, a technical and personal interview in English, and a trial week that tests candidates’ commitment and abilities to contribute to teams. We curate cohorts of talented developers that come from a variety of backgrounds. Some hold CS degrees whereas others come from non-traditional backgrounds such as English literature, architecture, or civil engineering. Some even pursued the Code Academy as an alternative to university. No matter the background of our developers, they are all selected for and upskilled to be great communicators, empathetic teammates, curious learners, and hard workers ready to contribute their talents to the global tech industry.

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