Gaza Sky Geeks Digital Agency

We build beautiful websites and apps for clients worldwide, from local businesses here in Gaza to venture-backed startups in Europe.

All our work is made with love in Gaza, and all proceeds from our work are reinvested into training the next generation of Gazan tech talent.

What we have built


ELFy is a London based social enterprise that helps people manage their medical subscriptions.

After building improving and updating ELFy’s current IOS and Android apps GSG is now working with ELFy to design and build a new version of their apps to support an array of different medical conditions, allowing ELFy to reach many more users.

Gaza Geeks continues to help ELFy to build on its success in supporting self-management among people with long-term conditions right across the social spectrum.

-- Simon Carbery, ELFy apps director


Airbase is a platform that connects people with empty spaces, to teachers, to students. Airbase recently launched in alpha and is now running its pilot. Gaza Sky Geeks build the Airbase platform as a progressive web app using a full javascript stack.

With this Alpha MVP, we will be piloting the first courses at the first venue, 2350 miles across Europe in Devon, England. Their work - rapid, precise, and creative - has already helped us win a Catalyst award from the UK's Royal Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce.

I look forward to further work with the team to advance the platform and help build skills and resilience in communities far and wide, including Gaza.

-- Christoph Warrack, Airbase CEO

Blue Vision Labs

We were approached by a London startup looking to come out of stealth mode. Blue Vision needed a static but customisable website. As Blue Vision were under a tight deadline to come out of stealth mode, we built, iterated and delivered the site in under 2 weeks.

work with us

Contract us as a digital agency

Build your product

We help startups and organizations build products. Our teams of designers and full stack javascript developers work in agile sprints to build a product that fits.

If you do not have your own software development team or infrastructure in place to build software products, Gaza Sky Geeks can help you. From building initial prototypes, wireframes and designs, right through to delivering production ready products.

We have crafted our development methodology in partnership with Founders & Coders, a London based non-profit that has worked with startups from the London community for the past 3 years.

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Hire our developers

If you are an organization looking to scale, we can help you leverage top talent in Gaza. From facilitating the hiring process and organizing desk space to managing employee payments.

Our diverse team of full-stack web developers have the following capabilities:

  • Creating web apps with ReactJS
  • Creating native mobile applications using React Native
  • Building static or dynamic webpages using HTML/CSS/JS and HandlebarsJS
  • Building restful APIs using NodeJS and mongoDB or PostgreSQL
  • Setting up and managing deployments using Heroku and AWS

Our developers have experience working with agile scrum, collaboration using git and Github, and setting up CI/CD pipelines with Github, TravisCI and Heroku.

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Hire our freelancers

GSG can connect clients directly or through our UpWork agency to a number of highly skilled, on-call freelancers in numerous fields and through a variety of structures

We have developed a ready stable of freelancers across multiple disciplines and varying degrees of experience to perfectly suit your needs; hiring our freelancers is straightforward and we can work with you to tailor a relationship which suits. Our freelancers are able to assist you in development, design, tech-support, data analysis, translation and other fields.

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